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Dan Wiemer

Dream of the Old Castle
Susan Armington

Therese and the Tuileries
Jan Marie Erickson

Women of Arabia (Bydlo)
Hend Al-Mansour

Ballet de Poussins dans leur Coques
Susan Davies

Rich Man; Poor Man
Carol Slavick

The Marketplace
Sheila Asato

Martin Arend

The House of Baba Yaga
Matt Quinn

Gates of Kiev
Dawn Erickson

Carol Slavick

Rich Man; Poor Man

cotton, silk;
machine quilted

to sample music from
Two Polish Jews (Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle), press the play button above

contact the artist:

"This piece is about two Jewish Men, one rich, one poor, who meet and have a conversation. I think the poor man asks the rich man for money. The rich man abruptly cuts off the conversation and goes on his way. The poor man looks over his shoulder at the rich man two times as he, too, goes on his way."

-Carol Slavick